Alexander Holt

founding partner limitless ventures

Alexander Holt is a fifth generation investor and Drexel University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, and minors in both Materials Science Engineering & Entrepreneurship. An innovative big picture thinker who embraces detail-oriented process execution. After working in the fields of Pharmaceutical Validation, Process Engineering, and Plant Design, Alexander dove into 3D-Printing Manufacturing as an Industrial Engineer. While at Shapeways, Alexander initiated, developed and standardized a LEAN Methodology program incorporating foundational principals for a Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) program thus optimizing their machine and production efficiencies across multi-level independent departments.

After catching the start-up bug, Alexander seized an opportunity in the 3D printing world, only to learn true pain of entrepreneurship. Afterwards, Alexander founded Limitless Exponential Technologies to provide himself (and others) with a basis for investment in emerging technologies.

In 2017, successful investments in the med-tech/pharma world led Alexander to launch Limitless Ventures beginning with Recovery Fund One––whose mission is to provide long term recovery solutions for those impacted by mental health and addictions conditions. An epidemic of vast proportions, Limitless Ventures aims to improve healthcare outcomes in the middle market by combining venture and philanthropic structures. The team seeks solutions and services which have or will integrate technology, data, and personal experiences to help addicts recover faster, easier and with more certainty than ever before.

Non-Profit Work:

2008 – Drexel University’s Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity – Founding Father, Chartering Chairman & Steward
2012 – Caron Young Adult Recovery Network – Chartering Chairmen
2013 – Drexel University’s Undergraduate Recovery Group (DURG) – Co-Founder
2013 – The Viking’s Men’s Group – Re-Founding Member
2015 – Eastern Area Conference of Young People’s in Alcoholics Anonymous – Program Chairman
2017 – Southampton Opioid Task Force – Treatment Co-Chairman
2018 – Franklin Lakes Municipal Alliance – Opioid Task Force – Member at Large
2018 – Eastern Area Conference of Young People’s in Alcoholics Anonymous – Board of Directors, Secretary

Jay Gates MBA

Jay Gates Senior Deal Advisor

Jay Gates began his private equity career in 1994 when he joined Charterhouse Group Inc., a New York based middle market private equity firm founded in 1973.  Over the last two decades, Jay has invested in a broad range of industries including waste and facilities services, logistics, business process outsourcing, healthcare services, general consumer products, cable TV, wireless towers and specialty distribution. He has an extensive network of intermediary, investment banker, broker, advisor and entrepreneur relationships that has been developed over his career.  He formed Townhill Capital Partners LLC, an independent private equity sponsor to focus on acquiring platform companies in his areas of his expertise that generate between $1 million and $10 million of EBITDA.

Jay has led numerous successful platform and add on investments and was a member of the Charterhouse Investment Committee that oversaw a diverse portfolio of Business Services, Healthcare Services, and Consumer companies. Transactions have included MPTotalCare Inc., Oakleaf Waste Management Inc., LogistiCare Inc., Towne Air Cargo Inc., Harvard Custom Manufacturing LLC. and AAT Communications.  Add on acquisitions for portfolio companies have included DS Medical Inc, Express Med Inc., APlus Inc., Gericare Provider Inc., Greenleaf Inc., IEM Inc., and Synergy Logistics Inc.  Investments have taken many forms including traditional buy-outs, builds-ups and growth capital infusions.  Value creation has been has been achieved through a combination of identifying companies with strong organic growth, strategic add-on acquisitions, operational enhancements and the conservative use of leverage

From 1992 to 1994, prior to joining Charterhouse, Jay was a member of the Corporate Advisory Services Group at Arthur Andersen in New York City.  While at Arthur Andersen, he worked on corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and M&A transactions in the travel, fashion, printing, and consumer products sectors.  Jay started his career in 1987 at Bankers Trust Company in New York City where he was an Assistant Treasurer in the Bank’s Government and Municipal Bond Services Group.  

He holds an M.B.A. in finance from New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business (1992) and a B.A. in Economics from the State University of New York at Binghamton (1987).

Evan Deshong

associate partner evan deshong limitless ventures

An impact player, team builder, and motivational mentor. As an elite sales professional and trainer Evan has an irrefutable track record of creating massive success and profitability for high performing sales-oriented companies in the automotive space as well as many other industries. Evan is known for playing as hard as he works. He is an avid outdoors-man, car and motorcycle enthusiast, and can often be found (or not!) exploring the back-country of Colorado. If you need to crush a goal or sell a product Evan is your guy! His experience in the industry range from Program Coordinator to Finance and Business Manager. Currently Evan is a Finance Manager at Larry H. Miller Dealerships since Dec 2018 in Boulder, Colorado. Before that he was a Business Manager at Avalanche Harley Davidson from February 2016 – January 2019 in the Greater Denver Area. He also served as a Finance Manager at Larry H. Miller Dealerships form August 2014 – February 2016 in Boulder Colorado. From March 2012 – July 2014 Evan was an Adventure trek program coordinator at Little Creek Lodge and in November of 2011 he also became Assistant to The President at D and M Energy in Pennsylvania where he worked for almost 3 years overseeing the completion and documentation of drilling activities including correspondence with the Pennsylvania department of environmental protection.

Rogan O'Donell

managing director rogan o'donell limitless ventures

Entrepreneur | Innovator | Strategist | Relationship Builder | Real Estate Developer

O’Donnell began this journey almost three decades ago. Until the age of 24 when life happened (O’Donnell was in a horrible accident which broke his back - “severe life stressor”) he had been avid rock climber. After the accident, his entrepreneurial spirit led him down an alternate path that would one day (unbeknownst to O’Donnell) come full circle.

O’Donnell went on to develop, own and invest in shopping centers, office buildings,and residential projects in the greater New Jersey/New York metropolitan area. He acquired more than 50K square feet of commercial real estate, including multifamily,retail and industrial. After getting his feet wet in real estate development,O’Donnell founded the New Jersey Community Bank in 2007. He stepped down from the Board of Directors in 2016 to focus my energies on New Foundation Recovery House, a sober living community he had founded in 2007. NFRH has helped to rebuild the lives of hundreds of men and women. O’Donnell strives to give all of himself to this endeavor, which is personal to his soul, spirit and heart.

When O’Donnell is not working you will find him playing with his 200-pound Malamute and three children, Gavin, Cheston and Kenjah.

Dr. Jay Rosan
Chief Medical Officer

managing director Jay Rosan Limitless Ventures

Dr. Rosan is a family physician and serial entrepreneur with extensive leadership experience in various industries including medicine, health insurance, and the Internet. His expertise is in developing innovative products and services into successful businesses. He has done this while developing and leading great teams of passionate individuals.

At this time, Jay is co-founder of Medovation Capital Services which provides commercialization expertise to startups who have tremendous ideas but need help in taking their companies to the next level.

Before Medovation, Dr. Rosan was the Vice President of Health Innovation for Walgreens and was a member of the Walgreens Innovation Network. The original Innovation team was established in 2009 to help Walgreens develop a clear path in introducing successful innovative products and healthcare services, and to establish new partnerships with companies interested in building innovative growth businesses with Walgreens.

Prior to this he was the Senior VP of Health Innovation at the Walgreens Health and Wellness Division that acquired I-Trax Health Solutions in May 2008. In 2005, he joined I-Trax as the Senior VP of Health Innovation to help further develop programs and services of that company.

Following his medical training, he was the managing partner in a model family practice that grew from one to eight physicians. The practice became and still is one of the most successful in the Delaware Valley in PA because of its strong values, respect for patients and holistic approach to medicine.

In 1977, he was one of the first medical directors at HMO of Pennsylvania,which grew to become US Healthcare. While there he held many senior corporate leadership positions and developed the industry’s first and most innovative physician compensation system. This system rewarded physicians for improving the quality of care that they provided to their patients. He also developed one of the first and largest breast and colorectal cancer screening programs in the U.S. screening millions of people.

In 1994, realizing that the interactive aspects of the Internet would provide extensive value in improving medical care by allowing consumers to take responsibility for their health, he co-founded InteliHealth. This was an online e-consumer health web site originally created by US Healthcare and JohnsHopkins Medical Center. This became the most visited health site on internet with over 2 million pages of content and was featured on AOL, Alta Vista,, Discovery Health and hundreds of other major newspapers sites. Dr.Rosan helped to launch InteliHealth Healthy Home®, a print and online catalog of health-related products mailed to millions of homes each month. In 1999,InteliHealth won the Webby Award for the Best Health web site out of 15,000 other health sites, the Newsweek Award for the Best Health site and the Business Week’s Best of 1999. He was an integral part of the team that developed the concept into a viable “real” company with 70 employees, tens of millions of dollars in revenue and an extremely high estimated valuation.

After US Healthcare and InteliHealth, Dr. Rosan became the Executive VP of Doctor Quality. This was a startup whose mission was to improve the quality of medical care: (1) at major employers, such as GE, for their employees by providing web-based solutions that rate hospitals and physicians on medical quality and (2)in hospitals by providing risk prevention database systems.

Prior to joining I-Trax, he joined Robin Hood Ventures. Robin Hood is an angel group that provides both financial and mentoring help to startup companies in the Philadelphia Metro area.

Dixon Thayer
Chief Operations Officer

Operations Director Dixon Thayer Limitless Ventures

Dixon has over thirty years’ experience in direct leadership of executive & line management in large & small organizations, in the U.S and abroad. His areas of expertise are developing and leading high-performance leadership teams, breakthrough growth strategies, regenerative turnarounds and tangible value creation. He has led the acquisition and integration of several businesses, and a number of significant divestitures as well.

Currently Dixon is a co-founder of Medovation Capital Resources, an early stage venture support group committed to helping entrepreneurs bridge the gap between good ideas and successful enterprises. Dixon is also a co-founder and Chairman of HealthNEXT, a national leader in reducing employer health care costs by creating enduring “cultures of health”.

Before this, Dixon was CEO of I-trax Health Solutions a publicly traded healthcare company (AMEX: DMX). Prior to this, he served as a non-executive member of the I-trax Board of Directors, in the capacity of AuditChair and member of the Compensation Committee.

In the 5 years under Dixon’s leadership as CEO, I-trax:

• Established itself as the pre-eminent leader in on-site workplace health & wellness services, with over 100 clients including: Toyota,GE, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Lowes, and Disney
• Was recognized for award winning research on breakthrough patent pending clinical processes, by professional journals and associations
• Was acquired by Walgreen’s (4/08) for 54X EBITDA; and a 38% premium to the market

Dixon also has held key executive leadership positions in other large (&small) organizations in the US, Europe and Latin America during critical times of change; including:

• Chairman & CEO of Southwest Windpower; a GE & Chevron clean energy technology venture
• CEO GreenLeaf Recycling; after leading a leveraged buyout of this Ford division
• CEO, Global New Business Operations; Ford Motor Company
• President of International Operations; Sunbeam
• Vice-President Research, Development, Engineering & Global Growth;Kimberly Clark
• COO, European (AFH) Operations; Scott Paper Company
• President, Systemas Institucionales Crisoba; Mexico

Dixon has provided personal coaching & advisory support to:

• The Chairman & CEO of Kellogg’s; to help restructure and revitalize the company for more growth & investor confidence
• Senior partners of Pricewaterhouse Coopers: in their pursuit of high-performance teams
• Senior executives of Bank of America & Key Bank in pursuit of organic growth strategies

He has also been an Executive Adviser to Bryant Park Capital, a mid-market investment banking firm, regarding potential acquisition opportunities; and is a Senior Fellow at the Jefferson School for Population Health (Jefferson University)

Dixon has written a number of articles and lectured on topics including“Teaching Elephants to Dance”, “Paradox Navigation”, and “Creating Value & Distinctiveness in Commodity Based Industries”.

Dixon received his degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Norman Friedland

Legal Director Norman Friedland Limitless Ventures

Norman M. Friedland has 35+ years of experience in high-level corporate finance,venture capital/technology transfer and governance matters for entrepreneurs, not for-profit foundations and institutions, sophisticated corporate enterprises and financial institutions, including Montgomery Securities, Hambro International,Morgan Stanley, Robertson Stephens, First Boston, Hambrecht and Quist and Tucker Anthony.

Mr. Friedland’s clients have included Dr. Luc Montagnier (2008 Nobel Laureate for discovery of AIDS virus) and visionary entrepreneurs such as Dr. Edward Currie(co-founder of the personal computer industry, Altair and LifeBoat International),David Pall (Pall Corporation) , Albert Nerken (Veeco Instruments) ; Wendel Wendel(Starnet International), George M. Low (NASA), Dr. Stephen Martin (Polar explorer and WHO epidemiologist), Celebrity Chef Will Goldfarb, Dr. Kovin Naidoo (currently SVP for Philanthropy/CSR for Essilor), Gitte Pederson, (founder of Genomic Expression), Jan Roessner, founder of Arcade Distillery and , along with Mr. Friedland,co-founder of One Earth Rising; Tamara Horton (Studio Samuel) and Robert Bender,Immunomodulation and Zephyerious Health.

During his career, Mr. Friedland has worked with entrepreneurial scientists and investigators at institutions such as Rockefeller University, The Schepens EyeResearch Institute, Stanford Research Institute, John Hopkins University, MIT’sLaser/Optics Lab, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and Columbia University.

In recent years, Mr. Friedland has worked with not-for-profit institutions such as T. J.Martell Foundation, National Foundation for Cancer Research, Brein Holden VisionInstitute NSF International, Museum of Biblical Art (NYC), Ocean Research Conservation Association, Lois Joy Galler Foundation for Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, American Gastroenterology Association, Bayraju Foundation (India),CleanStar Ventures, Circle of Blue and Studio Samuel (Ethiopia). Mr. Friedland’s work with social entrepreneurs includes serving as a judge for Duke University’s Social Entrepreneur Competition, and he has lectured on global social entrepreneur matters at graduate business schools that include the University of Chicago, NewYork University, Synergos Institute, Columbia University, The Roy Crummer Graduate Business School at Rollins College and The Indian School for Business (Hyderabad).

Mr. Friedland began his legal career at Cravath, Swaine and Moore. Mr. Friedland graduated from New York University School of Law, where he was a John Ben Snow Scholar and a Root-Tilden Scholar. Mr. Friedland served as General Counsel to NewYork State Urban Development Corporation at the time it was launching the development of Battery Park City, the Times Square redevelopment and Rensselaer's Center for Manufacturing Productivity and Technology Transfer. Over the past decade, Mr. Friedland has participated in more than 100 events sponsored by NY RoadRunners, including NYC Marathons, raising thousands of dollars for Challenged Athlete Foundation and other charities. Mr. Friedland regularly submits entries, which are always rejected, to the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest.

Benito Villa

Business Director Benito Villa Limitless Ventures

Benito Vila has a background in new business development and project management. The former president of New York-based Bonnell Design Associates,Benito led the firm’s branding and account teams, creating programs for Cablevision, CBS Cable, Cornerstone Equity Investors, DDB Worldwide, Fine Line Features, Interface Interior Fabrics, the New York Design Center, Pepsi-Cola, RadioCity Music Hall, Steelcase Inc., Time and Westvaco.

In choosing to raise his children on the East End of Long Island, Benito became a columnist for The Sag Harbor Express and developed the paper’s lifestyle section and its top-earning magazine group. Now writing features for, a popular online magazine known for its compelling glorying of subcultures (and itsthisiswhatscool hashtag), Benito still enjoys helping companies work smarter.

Adam Moskow

Operations Director Adam Moskow Limitless Ventures

Adam is a successful serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. He launched Pivotal Business Solutions over 15 years ago to help other business leaders achieve success. Adam graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Finance.

Adam started his career at Goldman Sachs. He then joined a struggling media business, Lapidary Journal, as Vice President, Operations and equity partner in order to spearhead turnaround efforts. In this role, Adam held business planning,recruiting, operations and P&L duties for a group of magazines and websites. He hired and directed a staff of 60, reduced costs, helped drive revenue up $5 million and increased profits 600%. This led to the successful sale of that business.Subsequently, Adam acquired half of S&D Marketing, a struggling direct marketing customer acquisition firm. He was instrumental in turning the company around,with it landing twice on the "Philadelphia 100" list of fast-growing companies before taking a profitable exit. From there, he helped run UnReal Marketing, an online advertising agency that also twice made the "Philadelphia 100" list.

In 1999, Adam formed the predecessor to Pivotal Business Solutions, LLC. Since then,he and his team have helped dozens of companies launch and gain funding, recruit key talent, improve operations, increase profitability and have successful exits.

Adam teaches venture planning classes at the Wharton Small Business Development Center and performs workshops for business groups on strategic planning and recruiting. He is also on the Boards of Asset-Map, LLC and Innovative Supply Solutions, LLC.

In his spare time, Adam can be found cycling, often in training for his ongoing fundraising efforts for MS, performing magic shows for local charities and enjoying family time with his wife and three children.

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy Politics Limitless Ventures

New Jersey Commissioner

Michael Murphy is the former Prosecutor of Morris County, where he began the Bias Crimes Unit and structured the county’s first Human Relations Commission. In 1992,at the request of the then U.S. Attorney Michael Chertoff, Mr. Murphy was deputized as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney and successfully prosecuted Arthur and IreneS eale for the highly publicized kidnapping and murder of Exxon executive Sidney Reso. In 1994, working closely with the U.S. Department of State and the Jordanian government, he secured the conviction of Mohammed Abequa, a Morris County resident who murdered his wife, kidnapped his children, and fled to his native Jordan to escape justice.

Mr. Murphy has served as President of the New Jersey Prosecutors Association and has chaired the Association’s Legislative Committee. He is the past Chairman of the Garden State Preservation Trust and was both the Chairman and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Public Policy Center of New Jersey.

A graduate of Georgetown University and Seton Hall University School of Law with nearly forty years of practice, Mr. Murphy has served as a municipal attorney,municipal prosecutor, county prosecutor and public defender. In private practice, he specialized in the areas of land use, corporate litigation, products liability and white collar defense. He also served in the United States Merchant Marine, and through his service as a mariner, he developed a firsthand appreciation for the critical role the waterfront plays in the economy of the State of New Jersey, the State of New York,and beyond.

Mr. Murphy has been involved in politics since the first gubernatorial campaign of his stepfather, two-term New Jersey Governor and Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard J. Hughes and was candidate for Governor of New Jersey in 1997. Currently a Visiting Associate at the Eagleton Institute of Politics, Mr. Murphy has been called upon to appear as a guest commentator on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Lou Dobbs Tonight, CNBC, MSNBC, My 9, Fox, TruTV, NJN, New 12 NJ and other cable and radio outlets.

Joan Spivak

Michael Murphy Politics Limitless Ventures

Joan Spivak brings 35+ years of experience in strategic communications and life science business development, concentrating on fast-growing life science start-ups. Currently serving as Senior Director of Governor Andrew M Cuomo’s $650 million Life Science Initiative, she is focused on building a rich life science ecosystem in New York State. As principal of SpivakConsultingGroup, she worked with a wide range of companies and research institutions, including AMDeC (Academy for MedicalDevelopment and Collaboration), Chiasma, PCDC (Primary Care Development Corporation, and ZetrOZ. Previously, she served as founding president of Prime Medica Inc., the US arm of a UK-based medical communications company.

She joined Prime Medica from Edelman Worldwide, where she was Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Health practice in New York. During her 15-year tenure with Edelman, Joan contributed to the company’s growth through the creation of several new services and offerings. She made Edelman synonymous with excellence in written communications and scientific rigor when headingthe Editorial & Professional Relations Division. She founded Bioscience Communications, Edelman’s professional education and publishing division, and also brought together the necessary mix of skills required to service high-growth biopharmaceutical companies in the Science & Technology Strategies practice.

Joan holds a master's degree in Environmental & Occupational Health from The Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Hygiene and Public Health, and earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Barnard College. She has a lifelong commitment to helping those in need and has served on the boards of such organizations as LeAp (Learning through an Expanded Arts Program), the National Child Labor Committee, and C.A.S.E.S, a criminal justice agency.

Larry Kramer
‍‍‍‍Chief Financial Officer

Michael Murphy Politics Limitless Ventures

Larry Kramer has 35 years of finance, accounting and operations experience with a focus on venture, technology, nonprofit and financial services sectors.  Larry is currently a Managing Partner of Foundation Management Associates, a provider of outsourced CFO services.  Through this role, Larry serves as outsourced CFO to Limitless Ventures, Staley Capital Partners, Kepha Venture Partners, and Commonwealth Capital Ventures, and for a dozen for-profit and nonprofit clients ranging from $1Mi to $10Mil. Larry was previously the controller of North Bridge Venture Partners and Growth Equity (now Guidepost Growth Equity), where he was responsible for the real estate, human resources, payroll, facilities, IT, banking and treasury and all finance functions.  Prior to his eight years at North Bridge, Larry held senior financial roles at TWI Interactive (the technology arm of sports marketing agency IMG), NewsEdge, a publicly traded provider of syndicated content solutions and services (which he helped sell to Thomson), The Pioneer Group, a publicly-traded mutual fund company, and GE Capital and GE.  Larry's philanthropic interests include raising $2Mil since 2009 through his two Boston-area bands for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, the Pediatric IBD Foundation, Walks for Hunger, local public school fundraisers and various pediatric cancer causes.  Additionally, Larry has served on Boston’s Chapter Board of Financial Executives International, a national organization for senior financial professionals, and has run the organization's Career Services and Career Planning Committee in helping members in-transition. Larry received a B.A. with honors from Rutgers University and an M.B.A. with honors from Boston University.

Limitless Ventures
Limitless Exponential Technologies, LLC